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Hi Beautiful Soul

The Sacred Collective

We’re Courtney and Krysia, founders of  The Sacred Collective

and we would like to formally introduce ourselves.

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Courtney Jade Rodgers

Hello, I’m Courtney! I am passionate about bringing women back to their centre, using meditation as a tool to help you realise your wholeness and find the answers you seek from within. My gift is holding space for your vulnerability and guiding you through the crumbling of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. This makes way for your most authentic, highest self to shine through.

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This is a place where we can honour our magical sisterhood, a place where we can grow together and thrive as a community. A sacred space that is held in the highest of integrity and love.  We hold our Sisters dear to us and we want everyone to feel welcomed and included.  

Krysia Singing Bowls.jpg

Krysia Soulstar

Hi! I'm Krysia, I am a Crystal Sound Healing Practitioner and a soul led Event Facilitator.  It is my highest intention to gently guide you back to your heart, to hold a safe and welcoming space to express yourself openly, and to assist you in tapping into your own higher knowing and inner wisdom.  My greatest joy is gathering like minded souls together in magical spaces for the purpose of co-creation and fun!

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